The Cottage Le Four à Pain, Located on the way to Compostela In the Gers (32)

The cottage of the Ferme de Villeneuve, located on the Compostela way was first a dovecote that served in the nineteenth century to make fertilizer products made with the droppings of pigeons, which
were white only. Their number was over twenty. A dovecote on a farm was proof of the wealth of the farm. It was later transformed into a kitchen for the day laborers of the farm with its bread oven which
was built on the East side and which required a day to start. The hearth was brick, vaulted dome. He walked until the end of the 2nd World War. We had to destroy it to build the extension (room to live + room on the floor). The oven entrance has been kept to remind this missing activity.


High season

May 1 to September 30
  • One night : 110 €
  • Weekend : 195 €
  • Week : 595 €

Low season

  • One night : 100 €
  • Weekend : 185 €
  • Week : 495 €

Gîte Le Four A Pain



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