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   Villeneuve Farm - Saint Antoine, Auvillar, Miradoux, Moissac, Lectoure, Larressingle, Flaran
       Places of local interest
St Antoine de Pont d'Arratz
By long tradition the mediaeval village of Saint Antoine had been a staging post of the ‘Via Podensis’ (GR 65) pilgrimage route to Compostella. The 12th century church was built by the Order of the Antonins and is distinguished by its Mozarabic façade and recently discovered frescoes on the left wall of the interior.
During the Christmas period, there is an additional attraction at Saint Antoine in the form of a ‘crèche’, a themed tableau based on the nativity. The display is built by members of the community and is part of the ‘Ronde des Crèches’ in which seven villages in the Gers take part.
Recognised as one of the loveliest villages in France, Auvillar stands on a hill overlooking the River Garonne. The Horloge Tower (17th century) affords the tourists entrance into the historical centre of this small ‘cité’ with its central cornmarket and its 17th and 18th century stone and brick houses. The Church of Saint Pierre at the end of one of the paved streets is distinguished in particular for its fine baroque altarpiece.
Franco-German choirs perform every summer and, in August, there is a street theatre telling the story of the pilgrimage way to Compostella.
Nobody should miss visiting this historic staging post on the pilgrimage route to Compostella. The town is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tarn and Garonne. In earlier times it was an important spiritual centre with its 12th century abbey and, primarily, its cloisters, classified by UNESCO as an important part of our heritage.
Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C., Lectoure is a historical city built on a hill. Towards the end of the middle ages it belonged to the Earls of Armagnac and has been prosperous ever since. Among its famous buildings are the 13th century abbey of Saint Gervais and many 17th and 18th century manor houses. It also famous for the healing properties of its thermal baths.
Straight out of the middle ages and entirely restored, Laressingle is a wonderful 13th century fortified ‘cité’, among the most attractive historical sites in the Armagnac region. It is a pleasure to wander the small village investigating the fortifications, the old citadel and the church of Saint Sigismond, creating as in few other places the experience of a genuine mediaeval ambience.
There are two museums to interest the visitor, the one representing the mediaeval scene, the other, outside the walls, displaying different built to scale war machines of the period.
Built on the bank of the River Baïse, the Cistercian Abbey at Flaran was founded in 1151. One of the best preserved examples in France, the visitor will encounter a three transept basilica-type church allied to a cloister, a wonderful 14th century gallery and a vaulted chapter house.
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